Bio Health Solutions, Inc. Partners With Zpeer, Inc. Of Tokyo For Its distribution of AminAvast in Japan

June 25, 2020 Reno, NV. USA—Bio Health Solution, Inc. is proud to announce its highly successful and popular product, AminAvast, a supplement that supports Cats’ and Dogs’ Natural Kidney Functions, will be launched in Japan by Zpeer, Inc.

Bio Health Solutions, a Research and Development company committed to developing high quality products to improve and extend the lives of humans and their companion animals, developed AminAvast to Help Support Cats’ and Dogs’ Natural Kidney Functions. AminAvast is successfully helping animals in 19 countries and is excited to be launched in Japan.

Mark Garrison, CEO of Bio Health Solutions stated, “We are excited to announce that Bio Health Solutions and Zpeer, Inc. of Toyko have entered into a multi-year distribution agreement to launch AminAvast into Japan starting in July 2020. Zpeer, Inc. is a well-respected distributor of veterinary products and is the right partner to bring our technology to Japanese Veterinarians where the demand is very high. Zpeer will provide enormous support for AminAvast through their well-established relationships with veterinarians throughout Japan. Zpeer will also provide AminAvast to Universities so future veterinarians will learn how to care for companion animals.”

According to Yuta Fujimoto, CEO and Founder of Zpeer, Inc, “We are extremely excited to introduce this innovative kidney-supporting product to Japan, through our online platform and Vetpeer, which covers ~65% of animal clinics in the country. It is our goal that all cats and dogs in our country, who would benefit from a kidney support, will have a better quality of life by using AminAvast.”

AminAvast® which contains AB070597 the active ingredient created using amino acids and a peptide helps support natural kidney function and helps maintain the health of aging kidneys in cats and dogs. AminAvast® is safe with no reported side effects or drug interactions and benefits are seen within a few weeks of use. Improvements in coat, appetite, behavior, increased weight, and a general all over sense of feeling better have been reported.

AminAvast is already available throughout Asia in India, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand.

The research and development company is committed to science and welcomes every partnership that meet or exceed their goals.

Over 5 million doses of AminAvast have been safely consumed by dogs and cats around the world. For more information check and

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