About Bio Health Solutions

About Bio Health Solutions


Bio Health Solutions is committed to the development of high quality products to improve and extend the lives of humans and their companion animals.

Commitment to Safety

All manufacturing is done in the USA to ensure the safety of our products. Our manufacturing facility is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a food and drug manufacturer, which means that our products are manufactured under the same strict standards as those used to produce prescription drugs.

Research and Development

Bio Health Solutions’ Research and Development Division is headed by a Ph.D. in physics with over forty years of research and development experience in fields ranging from biophysics and biochemistry to nanochemistry and photonics.

Our state-of-the-art research laboratory creates products that moderate metabolic processes through supplementation with naturally occurring compounds and substances.

With a full commitment to science, our work springs from the combination of our original research, peer reviewed literature, patent reviews and clinical studies. Unlike other supplement companies, our commitment to science is paramount. We are dedicated to the development of result-oriented products as opposed to the creation of products with marginal utility.