AminAvast Offers Safe & Effective Way to Support Kidney Function in Aging Dogs & Cats

Patented supplement may help boost overall canine & feline vitality; can be added to any diet with no side effects. October 11, 2022 Reno, NV. USA—We welcome them into our homes, into our lives and into our hearts. They may start out as pets but they invariably wind up as family members. And while some of us are dog people and some of us are cat people, we all have one thing very much in common: we love our animal companions and will do everything in our power to make sure they are happy and healthy for many, many years to come. Fortunately, advances in the pet wellness product category are helping us support the health and promote the longevity of our dogs and cats as never before. And one of these new products is a proprietary supplement called AminAvast ( that was specifically formulated to help support kidney function and help maintain the health of aging kidneys in cats and dogs. AminAvast is manufactured exclusively for Bio Health Solutions (, which formulates premium-quality products internationally that are designed to support the lives of humans and their companion animals. Recommended by a rapidly-growing number of veterinarians, AminAvast has already been safely consumed some five million times by dogs and cats around the world. Replete With Benefits AminAvast contains AB070597, a patented (U.S. Pat. No. 9,669,010 & European 13 861 349.2) ingredient created through a proprietary process using amino acids and a peptide. Dog and cat owners tell Bio Health Solutions all the time how happy they are with their pet’s general sense of overall vitality and wellness.
Among the other reported benefits of AminAvast (which doesn’t require refrigeration and has a three-year shelf life):
  • Helping maintain the health of aging dog and cat kidneys
  • Maintaining normal renal health
  • Supporting normal renal cell structure
  • Maintaining natural low levels of oxidative stress
  • Supporting a healthy coat Helping promote overall health and vitality
AminAvast complements all diets, including those which are protein-restricted, and has shown itself to be safe during three clinical studies. More specifically, 124 cats were enrolled in an open-ended study and received AminAvast for two years, and smaller canine and feline studies were also performed with their results published. During these studies, AminAvast was well tolerated and was shown to support kidney health. In addition, cats and dogs have shown no hesitation when consuming AminAvast and the supplement can be easily administered. Most cats and dogs will eat AminAvast along with their normal food. Because AminAvast is intended to support the health of your pet, it should be taken on a daily basis for a cat’s or dog’s entire life. That said, pet owners should always first consult a trusted veterinarian to determine if supplementing with AminAvast is right for their dog or cat. AminAvast can be purchased directly from veterinarians or online at numerous other animal care and general interest sites. According to Mark Garrison, CEO of AminAvast parent company Bio Health Solutions, “We’re very pleased that AminAvast is helping spark a much-needed dialogue between pet owners and veterinarians about the need to support kidney function in dogs and cats. We undertook an extensive R&D and clinical testing period in order to develop this supplement and are heartened to see AminAvast rapidly gaining traction among veterinarians and pet lovers in America just like it has in many other countries around the world.”